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As we embark on this celestial voyage, we find that Astrology's ancient wisdom has woven through the tapestries of countless civilizations. Delving into the historical context unveils how societies once gazed upon the heavens, offering precious insights into their interpretation of celestial phenomena.

Through the ages, Astrology has danced in harmony with various spiritual traditions, intertwining with the very essence of religious beliefs. This sacred connection invites us to explore the profound spiritual significance attributed to the cosmos. Astrology isn't just a study; it's a philosophical tapestry that weaves together questions of fate, free will, and the profound interconnectedness of all things. It's an invitation to ponder our place in the grand cosmic theater.

While Astronomy charts the stars from a scientific lens, its dance with Astrology offers a deeper understanding of the celestial mechanics that underpin this ancient art. It's a dance of science and soul, bridging the gap between the earthly and the cosmic. 'As above, so below' echoes through the annals of time, revealing the ancient belief that cosmic patterns mirror in the intimate tapestry of individual lives. It invites us to contemplate the beautiful synchronicity between the universe and our very existence. In the heart of Astrology lies a mirror that reflects the depths of our soul. It's a mirror that speaks in a language of strengths, vulnerabilities, and the unique tapestry of potentials within. It's a powerful tool for personal growth and self-reflection.

For many, Astrology is a sacred path of enlightenment, a means to seek higher understanding and embrace the transcendent. It becomes a beacon that guides us on a spiritual journey, inviting us to explore the depths of our own souls. Learning the art of chart-making and interpretation is like being gifted with a key to unlock the mysteries of the stars. It's a practical skill that allows us to read the language of the cosmos and offer guidance to ourselves and others. Guided by the cosmic rhythms, we navigate the seas of life, making choices that honor the ebb and flow of the universe. Astrology offers a compass to navigate the storms and a lantern to light our way. In the dance of relationships, revealed through the prism of Astrology, we uncover the symphony of souls connecting, harmonizing, and evolving together. Through the lens of predictive techniques, we catch glimpses of the tapestry of time, foreseeing the chapters that await us, and preparing our hearts for the journeys that lie ahead. Electional Astrology unveils the art of choosing moments bathed in cosmic grace, blessing significant life events with celestial favor. For therapists and counselors, Astrology becomes a beacon of understanding, illuminating the inner landscape of the soul and offering a language to support their clients.

In every corner of this vast cosmic tapestry, Astrology unveils something unique and beautiful. Whether you seek personal growth, spiritual insight, or practical life guidance, the wisdom of the stars holds a treasure for every heart.

Science behind Astrology

What is science behind astrology? It's really hard to answer. With this question, we can get more questions than answers. It is sure something we shouldn't underestimate.


There are three factors in Astrology, which bring to you the message of the Stars (Gods): the houses, the signs and the planets. Houses are simply different areas or departments of life, a different fields of experience wherein the energies of the signs and planets operate. Signs represent characteristic modes of expression, in other words they are divisions of the heavens which by their placement relative to the houses indicate our basic temperament and attitude towards life. Planets represent basic drives or urges in the unconscious, or energy flow regulators representing dimensions of experience. Each planet has a characteristic energy. That energy can be expressed in two ways, either positively or negatively. The way that energy is expressed is determined by the aspects of the other planets to that particular planet. To ancient astrologers, the planets represented "The Will of the Gods" and their direct influence upon human affairs.


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