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Steps to meet your harmonic friend

This website brings together astrology and the joy of meeting new people. Whether you're seeking a friend or hoping to find that special someone for a truly meaningful connection that could change your life, join us by creating your FREE ACCOUNT and become a part of our story.

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You can check out the list of people with profiles on the site. It's a way to see who's around and maybe find someone you'd like to talk to or know more about.

Calculate scores

By looking at the positions of planets in your birth chart compared to someone else's, you can see how well you might get along. It's a compatibility check using astrology!

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Begin talking to another user by sending a message or starting a chat. It's the first way to get to know them better.

Reasons To Join

Joining our meeting website based on astrology can offer a unique and enriching experience for individuals who have a strong interest in astrology and its applications in various aspects of life.

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What is so special about this website?

We have the trust of 144 individuals spanning 41 countries and 131 diverse cities on our website. Check more details about statistics here.

This website is truly special because it's incredibly user-friendly. It's all very straightforward. You can access it on your favorite device, be it a PC, mobile phone, or tablet. When you sign up for your FREE account, you only need to provide a few details: your birth date, time, and city. There's no need for lengthy questionnaires, unlike other dating or compatibility sites. Here, energies communicate more powerfully than words. And the best part? Using this site won't cost you a thing—no hidden fees, it's absolutely FREE!

Easy to use

The website is made to be really easy for you to use. You can find what you want and do things without any trouble or confusion.

Tailored for all devices

The website works great on different devices like computers, tablets, and phones. So, no matter what you're using, you'll have a smooth experience.

No endless questions

You won't have to answer a ton of questions or surveys on this site. It keeps things simple and focused, making your experience smoother and easier.


You can use everything on the site for free. You don't need to pay for any services or features.

Key lessons

In astrology, relationships can offer valuable insights into our personal growth, self-discovery, and the dynamics we share with others.

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Talk to Astrologers

Welcome to our Live Astrology Consulting Service! Connect with our expert astrologers over the phone for personal insight into your life path. Get real-time love, career and destiny guidance. Unravel the secrets of the stars and discover the path to yourself. Make an appointment and start a transformational conversation today!

Free tools

Explore our wonderful range of free tools! You can make your own birth chart, check transits, and even delve into relationship charts like synastry and composite charts. These reports are created just for you, using your personal birth information, and you'll be amazed at how precise, clear, and insightful they are. Plus, you can save them as PDFs for future reading!

Learn Astrology

If you're curious about Astrology and eager to learn, join us on a fascinating journey into the world of celestial wisdom. Let's explore the stars together and uncover the insights they hold. You're warmly invited to embark on this enriching adventure with us!